Saturday, October 25, 2008

CS/politics -- dispelling the myth

I know that the blog's subtitle is "A math/computer science research blog", and that I haven't had a research post in months. I also know that this is the last place you want to turn to for politics.

The point of this post isn't really to weigh in on the upcoming US election -- I have nothing original to say about politics (it's hard enough to find original things to say in math/cs). My goal here is to dispel a false impression you might have gotten if you peruse math/cs blogs. You might naturally come to the conclusion that every mathematician/computer scientist is left-leaning and favors Obama.

You'd be wrong, though. One brave soul -- namely, Lev at Yale -- is willing to go against the current and argue in favor of McCain. Read his piece here. You owe it to yourself to step out of the echo chamber and hear a refreshing dissenting voice.

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