Thursday, November 22, 2007

I suppose I'm flattered

that a professional philosopher would quote an entry from this blog and deem it worthy of rebuttal. I'm too busy/tired to read the piece, much less comment on it. A cursory scan, however, suggests that

1. I stand by my original claims
2. Stemhagen is kinder (i.e., less nasty) to me than I was to him

This blog has been kind of on hold for a while. I know I promised people research tips, but I'm stuck on a problem and feel myself unworthy of dispensing research advice. Especially with people like Tao in the blogosphere (he has plenty of high quality advice for mathematicians at all stages of their careers).

So... if anybody is itching to re-start that math-education-ethics-platonism discussion, now's your chance. I'll check back in a day or so.

Update: A co-blogger had a stronger stomach than me, and read enough to find the following nugget:
"Some argue that mathematics class ought to more explicitly consider those on the socio-economic margins and our social system's role in this marginalization."
I'm suddenly reminded why I was nasty to begin with.

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