Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is There Anything Good About Men?

I know I'm behind on posting about the things I promised I'd post about; rest assured that I'm behind on work stuff as well.

So in the meantime, read this fascinating piece by Roy F. Baumeister. There's too much incisive analysis in there to give a brief sound bite; you'll just have to read the whole thing. Discussion welcome in the comments.

I like to tell myself that if people didn't send me such pointers I'd be 50% more productive...


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

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Aryeh said...

Hi Caroline,

can you tell me more about mathbloggers.com? What do I have to do to join, and what happens when my blog gets indexed?

I don't provide my email in plaintext to avoid spam, but it can be easily found on this page:

Anonymous said...

The article tells a lot about its author. Could not force myself to read it all, but I am very surprised that you like stuff like that.
-Dima from Weizmann

Aryeh said...

Well, the author is a professor of psychology, who is emphatically opposed to gender wars and other such nonsense. What didn't you like about this article?

Anonymous said...

Hi Leo, I liked the article a lot. It is a considered piece on an important topic which has become too divisive. My only complaint is that the article should have been accompanied by detailed references to the surveys etc. mentioned (and yes, I understand that the article may be the transcript of a talk). And, even if refs are given in such social-science articles, one has to ensure that the institutions conducting such surveys are a priori unbiased.

Thanks for the pointer, aravind