Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blogging from the road

I'm writing from Florence, Italy, where I'm attending the Mining and Learning with Graphs workshop. The paper I'm presenting is the Universal Kernel one. On the off-chance you're reading this and attending the workshop, say hi!

Then it's off to Texas for Concentration Week, namely: "Probability Inequalities with Applications to High Dimensional Phenomena". My talk: Obtaining measure concentration from Markov contraction. Slides will be online soon. [I'm intentionally blurring the distinction between Leonid and Aryeh (they're really the same name); hopefully, this won't cause confusion. Rule of thumb: if we're speaking English, use Leo. If we're speaking Hebrew, Aryeh. If we're speaking Russian, you know what to call me.]


Daniel said...

Regarding the rule of thumb.
What if I'm drunk and mix all three languages together?

Aryeh said...

Well, chances are we've been drinking together, in which case I probably won't care...