Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shameless self-promotion

Some good news on the publications front. My paper with Kavita Ramanan has been accepted (with minor revisions) to the Annals of Probability. If you just want the main idea (actually, a much simpler proof of a more general form of the main result), this is the paper to read.

Another recent acceptance is my Universal Regular kernel extended abstract, to appear in MLG'07. It's a short 4-page writeup, and if you can resolve the issue of computing K_n, I guarantee you fame and fortune.

I'm hanging out at the FCRC conference (Mehryar is presenting our Rational Kernels paper with Corinna at COLT). So if you're around, find me and say hi, and most definitely come to Mehryar's talk on Thurs. at 2:40. I'll try and blog about the conference a bit later, but we always have Scott to count on.

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