Monday, March 12, 2007


Slow blogging this week as I'm in California, giving talks at Stanford and Berkeley (yeah, it's the same talk; they're both probability seminars and this is essentially my thesis talk). Swing by if you can!


Daniel said...

"In particular, this allows one to analyze the convergence of inhomogeneous Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms."


Do you have a reference to this specific issue?


Aryeh said...

A forthcoming paper by Anthony Brockwell as well as our joint paper on laws of large numbers for non-independent sequences... :)

Daniel said...

link? preprint? slides of the talk?


Aryeh said...

Talk slides are here; preprints are on arxiv. If you're going to read any one paper of mine (on concentration) it should be this one.

מה נשמע חוץ מזה דנצ'יק?

Daniel said...

נשמע היטב.
or, as they say
Всё пучком.

Aryeh said...

I see I had the wrong link to my "main" concentration paper; it's this one: