Wednesday, January 3, 2007


If you're trying to physically locate me over the next two weeks, try room #3 in Ziskind building of the Weizmann Institute, in Rehovot, Israel -- where I'm being very kindly hosted by Gideon Schechtman. Blogging will be light due to the tight schedule (giving 3 talks: Jeruslem, Weizmann, Technion), but I'll try to report on interesting seminars that I heard (like the one today).

A quick note about the comments: they're unmoderated and no registration is required; I'm hoping that no moderation on my part will ever be necessary. It's fine occasionally to lapse into politics, but I was hoping to see more math discussions!.. Finally -- I am plain curious as to who's reading this barely-a-week-old blog and leaving comments. If you'd leave a name when commenting I'd be much obliged!


Anonymous said...

interesting looking blog if somewhat beyond me technically (Engineers tend to get stuck at the "basic tools" stage of mathematics).
I shall take immediate advantage of your "occasional lapse into politics" rule to ask you to consider taking a look at this site
and perhaps consider taking some in-action?

Steve Jennings

Aryeh said...


I appreciate your candor -- you must realize you're posting on a blog whose politics will most likely be diametrically opposed to your own. This is a very intensely emotional issue for me, and I will abstain from commenting on it so as to stay true to the main mission of this blog: mathematical research. There is an over-abundance of high-quality political commentary out there, and I really have nothing to add on top of what's already being said at some of the excellent sources I have linked in the news & commentary section.

I am quite familiar with your side of the argument; I read almost daily. May I suggest you take an honest look at some of the blogs I have linked? Again, this blog isn't really the right place to hold a discussion of this nature, but feel free to comment if any posts here or elsewhere in the "neocon"-oriented blogosphere strike a particular chord.

Anonymous said...

indeed, wrong forum.
I checked out your links (with no obvious psychological damage!).

Here's one for you, a link to a book which you may already have read, but if not try it out, it has good reviews from both sodes of the argument.

all the best


Anonymous said...

Ooops, that didn't work. Try again...

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll see you on Tuesday.